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Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adroitec Receives Outstanding Performance of the Year Award from PTC 2010

The PTC Worldwide Channel Conference was held at Las Vegas, USA between 13th to 15th Oct ,2010. As you are aware PTC Fiscal FY 10 is between Oct '09 to Sept 2010.During the conference,  Adroitec was recognized as

"Value Added Reseller- Outstanding Performance - Asia Pacific for fiscal 2010"

Thank you Clients !!! - Support Team Adroitec

PTC Introduces Creo Designs

Four Breakthrough Technologies Designed to Unlock Potential; Solve Chronic Customer Challenges With Traditional CAD Tools
Watch the Launch Webcast - Click Me
Highlights of planned apps include: 
·         AnyRole AppsTM 
·                 AnyMode ModelingTM
·        AnyData AdoptionTM     
           AnyBOM AssemblyTM·    
Visit www.ptc.com for more details.....

Thursday, October 28, 2010

It's Creo...Creo.....Creo...

Creo, PTC’s design software, enables companies to unlock potential within their organizations

Creo, PTC’s new family of design software, is built to solve chronic problems that have long plagued companies that use CAD software. Creo will deliver four breakthrough technologies that address the lingering challenges of usability, interoperability, technology lock-in and assembly management. By addressing the big unsolved problems in design software, Creo enables companies to unlock potential within their organizations by unleashing creativity, facilitating teamwork, increasing efficiency and ultimately realizing value.

Would you like to learn about PTC’s vision for CAD?
Creo is a scalable suite of design apps built on a common platform, right-sized for all participants in product development to enable their fullest contribution.
Learn About PTC’s Vision for CAD
Would you like to understand the new names for Pro/ENGINEER, ProductView, and CoCreate and the Path to Creo?
As building blocks of PTC’s industry-defining Creo design software solution, Pro/ENGINEER, CoCreate, and ProductView are now Creo Elements.
Learn About Creo Elements
Would you like to learn how PTC’s design products can help you today?
  • Take me to Creo Elements/Pro (formerly Pro/ENGINEER)
  • Take me to Creo Elements/Direct (formerly CoCreate)
  • Take me to Creo Elements/View (formerly ProductView)

Thursday, October 7, 2010

Skill Upgrade Workshop for Adroitec Clients- Delhi Region

Technical Support Team organizes skill upgrade workshop for their clients (DELHI REGION).

16- 10 -2010
One day workshop on What’s New in WF5.0
One day workshop on What’s New in WF5.0
One day workshop on What’s New in WF5.0
One day workshop on Detailing in WF5.0
One day workshop on What’s New in WF5.0
One day workshop on Detailing in WF5.0

Adroitec Information Systems (P) Limited
D-194 (2nd Floor)
Okhla Industrial Area, Phase - 1,
New Delhi 110020

For registration and Details contact us mcad.support@adroitecinfo.com .

Project Lightning Invitation

October 28th, 2010 Witness the New Beginning....
PTC will unveil Project Lightning, our landmark initiative that will redefine CAD.
Join us for the virtual event and learn how PTC will:
  • Solve the big problems in mechanical CAD, including fundamental ease-of-use, interoperability, and assembly management
  • Take a fresh new approach to the solutions, building on PTC's unique assets
  • Deliver a scalable, interoperable, open, and easy-to-use set of mechanical design applications
  • Provide the right-size solution for each participant in the design process at the right time
  • Offer full upwards compatibility with the PTC products our customers are using today (Pro/ENGINEER®, CoCreate®, ProductView®, Windchill®, etc.)
By attending the virtual event you will be one of the first to witness the vision, the strategy and see the product that will transform the mechanical CAD marketplace.

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Pro/Engineer Newsletter - September 1, 2010

Monday, September 6, 2010

Windchill PPMLink- An PTC application on Windows Sharepoint

Program Portfolio Management for Product Development


Today’s complex products have led to development programs that are now global, multi-discipline and cross-functional. Consequently, project teams are producing an enormous amount of project details, using different tools. For Program Managers assessing program health, it’s a daunting task to coordinate and evaluate this data in preparation for executive reviews. And for product development executives balancing portfolios of product development programs, it is almost impossible to get the right information in a timely manner to make decisions on trade-offs and project selection.

Windchill PPMLink is uniquely designed to meet the Program Portfolio Management (PPM) needs of discrete manufacturers. Because it’s integrated directly with Windchill, program teams get transparent access to accurate product data, without compromising the ‘single source of engineering truth’ provided by Product Data Management (PDM). Built on MS SharePoint Server, it is designed to reach every cross-functional team member in your development process, both inside and outside your organization. Integrated directly with MS Project Server, it extends enterprise-class portfolio analysis, resource management and project management with a program & portfolio metrics engine that aggregates traditional project management KPIs with KPIs derived from your PDM system.

Features & Benefits

  • Measure development programs against defined business strategies
  • Control product development with configurable stage- and gate-style processes
  • Define and aggregate technical, program and financial metrics across portfolios
  • Fully integrated with Microsoft Project Server and Microsoft SharePoint Server
  • Integrated with PTC’s product development solutions

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adroitec and PTC Cordially invites you for the Seminar on Product Life cycle Management

Wednesday, August 25th 2010 @ Coimbatore
Friday, August27th 2010 @ Hyderabad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's new inPro/Mechanica WF5.0 Part 1

Support for Heterogeneous Units
  • Units for all modeling entities may be set on-the-fly
  • Conversion between units via RMB action
  • Results can be presented in different units
Icon and Label Display Improvements
  • Z-buffering of Simulation Icons
  • Control over distribution density
  • Ability to set colors individually
  • Ability to move labels off the model
  • Greater control over display
  • High-lighting of referenced entities

Dashboard UI for Surface and Volume Regions

Geometry Preview
– Dynamic Preview
Enhanced Workflow
– Simplified Definition UI
– No commands on old Menu-m
New Definition Options
– Surface regions split by chain
– Volume Region Depth Options (Through Next, etc.)

Thursday, June 3, 2010

Routed Systems Designer 9.0 Saves 25 Hours Per Typical Project

Routed Systems Designer 9.0 Saves 25 Hours Per Typical Project

Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer 9.0 increases user productivity by improving design presentation and expanding data exchange capabilities. New capabilities include:

Streamlined design creation: Create and manipulate items such as draft groups, fibers in highways, inline connectors and dual ports up to 90% faster
Improved design presentation: Polish the appearance of your design with True Type fonts and fully customizable cross- sheet graphics and labels
Enhanced data exchange: Leverage new support for PDF, CGM and updated version of DXF and DWG
New RSDSimulate Lite: Perform DC voltage margin analysis, wire overloading analysis and ‘what if’ scenarios to optimize your electrical design
New support for CoCreate: Easily create 2D schematics for CoCreate 3D routed systems designs
Extended language support: Simplified Chinese is now supported
When compared to Pro/ENGINEER Routed Systems Designer 8.0, the new release increases user productivity by 25 hours or 3 days per typical project! To learn more read the enhancement details and FAQs. Download the latest release today!

NEW! PTC LearningConnector Brings eLearning Topics and Knowledge Base Content into Pro/ENGINEER

Install the FREE PTC LearningConnector into Pro/ENGINEER Help Center and provide your users with a list of eLearning topics and Knowledge Base content that are relevant to the help topic. This allows users to be more productive by leveraging short, pertinent information delivered with a single click. At release, the LearningConnector will be available for Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 and Wildfire 5.0 Help Centers in multiple languages. Go to the download page now to start increasing your productivity!

Please note that the Interface for CADDS5 will not be included in Pro/ENGINEER Wildfire 4.0 M120 as previously stated in the March Maintenance Minute. You can expect this functionality in a future version. M120 does upgrade the Interface for CATIA V5 to support import of R18 & R19 data.

Mathcad 15.0 – Coming this Summer!

Mathcad 15.0 – Coming this Summer!

Mathcad 15.0 is scheduled for release in Summer 2010*. You’ll get the same easy-to-use white board interface with natural math notation and units management found in Mathcad 14.0, plus new performance enhancements and features. Here’s a sneak peek at Mathcad 15.0:

Design of Experiments – Use new functions and plot enhancements for constructing experimental design matrices, analyzing and screening factors, and developing statistical models.

Knovel Math Content – Quickly access Knovel’s fully documented Mathcad worksheets and reduce the time it takes to solve your complex math problems.

Truenumbers – Easily produce and reference engineering numbers within Mathcad that are traceable to a web-based Numberspace, ensuring viability of its units, tolerance, properties, subject, and context.

Excel 2007 Support – Leverage the following Excel functions and features: READEXCEL(), WRITEEXCEL(), READFILE, the data import wizard, and the Excel Add-in.

Windows 7 Support
Start making plans to upgrade now! Check the PTC Product Calendar frequently for accurate dates.

*The timing of any product release, including any features or functionality, is subject to change at PTC's discretion.

Friday, April 23, 2010

Pro/Engineer WF5.0 Showcase

View the Pro/ENGINEER Showcase

Ready to See Pro/ENGINEER in action? In just 15 minutes you'll learn why design engineers choose the power and ease of Pro/ENGINEER to design winning products. You will see how you can use Pro/ENGINEER to simplify your product development tasks from conceptual design through analysis and manufacturing.


Thursday, April 22, 2010

Mathcad Engage Virtual User Conference

All sessions and content delivered at Mathcad Engage Virtual User Conference are now available on demand, 24 hours a day. This is an opportunity to learn the strategy and future about Mathcad, the #1 engineering calculations software tool.

Register now at http://events.unisfair.com/rt/ptc2010~mathcad.

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Online Training on PTC Solutions

Adroitec Introduces Online Training For Active AMC Clients.