Monday, December 24, 2012

Parametric Modeling - Pros and Cons

In this episode Allison and Vince review the reasons why parametric modeling provides such a powerful CAD environment, but recognize that it's not necessarily the best solution in every case.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Creo 2.0 Seminar Series

PTC - Creo 2.0 & Windchill Seminar @ Hyd 

After achieving tremendous success in the 1st phase of Creo 2.0 Seminars across the country, Adroitec launched the 2nd phase of Seminars in this quarter.  The first phase was conducted in 6 cities in JAS 2012. 

In this phase, "Creo 2.0: Unlock your Design Potential" Seminars were held in Mysore, Ludhiana and the latest event was held on 6th Dec 2012 at Hyderabad.

The show was well attended and the customers widely appreciated the benefits that Creo, Mathcad and Windchill had to offer to them. 

The audience appreciated the functionality of Creo 2.0 and its various applications. The different solutions for Product Development was also appreciated very much. The late stage design changes, Windchill PLM presentations excited the participants. The audience also appreciated Mathcad and Windchill QLM presentations. The session was made more interactive with  Q&A.

Adroitec - PTC Show at Mysore

The PTC Show at Mysore was well organised by the Bangalore team.

Though there was heavy rainfall, the Mysoreans showed their passion for technology in coming for the event. A good quality customer interaction followed.

We showcased Creo 2.0, Mathcad and Windchill and the benefits that the customers would derive out of these solutions.