Saturday, January 25, 2014

Continuous Innovation for Global Markets- Ingersoll Rand

Customer Story: Ingersoll Rand

Hear how Ingersoll Rand accelerates product innovation for world markets by connecting globally distributed product development teams.

About Ingersoll Rand

Ingersoll Rand is a diversified industrial manufacturer with market-leading brands serving customers in global commercial, industrial, and residential markets. As a company that values innovation and enables their people to achieve great success, Ingersoll Rand helps improve quality of life and the health of the environment around the world.

Ingersoll Rand: Growth through Innovation

Ingersoll Rand executives talk about the company’s strategic initiatives to accelerate product innovation to create and deliver value to customers.

Ingersoll Rand: A World Class Product Development System

Learn more about how Ingersoll Rand’s common approach to PLM supports their commitment to engineering excellence.

Ingersoll Rand: Creating Customer Value through Software

Discover the critical role of software in Ingersoll Rand products and how it is used to create sustainable solutions for their customers.

Ingersoll Rand: An Integrated Solution for Requirements Capture

Ingersoll Rand’s VP of Controls Engineering discusses how managing requirements, with traceability, throughout the product development process is the key to ensuring high product quality and meeting customer needs.

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Product Planning: Virtual to Physical

Jim Heppelmann of PTC and Jim Walsh of GE Intelligent Platforms discuss some of the challenges facing manufacturers today. Hear how PTC & GE will be able to help design and manufacturing work better together.
The PTC Manufacturing Process Management solution helps manufacturers who are struggling to reduce rework and scrap due to disconnected design and production teams. They’re addressing these challenges to avoid market delays and off-target product costs.
With the PTC Manufacturing Process Management solution, companies can expect to dramatically reduce time-to-manufacturing while driving down production cost via configuration-specific plans.
How to get there:
  • Unify the major elements of design, manufacturing planning, and resources on a common system
  • Streamline manufacturing process planning in a coordinated, associative effort with engineering
  • Validate configuration specific process plans using rich, virtual product definitions
  • Overview
  • Reducing Manufacturing Issues

    Today’s manufacturers operate in a world of shorter product lifecycles, continuous product innovation and expanding market opportunities. Companies work to not only compete in this environment, but implement strategies that deliver a competitive advantage. Within manufacturing, there are many initiatives, like lean manufacturing, that address critical production challenges. However, more often than not strategies to improve areas like time-to-market, production costs and tailored product offerings sound good on paper, but can be difficult to implement with separated teams and disjointed information. For production planning, many companies struggle with critical issues such as:
    • Difficulty to find and re-use proven manufacturing processes and resources
    • Struggling to provide accurate manufacturing information to production on-time
    • Disconnected engineering, manufacturing and production teams
    Unlike other approaches that operate multiple systems incapable of managing both product design and product planning, the PTC Manufacturing Process Management solution offers a single, globally-accessible system to associatively design, plan production and synchronize with ERP environments.
    By implementing a solution that allows for the concurrent planning and developments of products companies can experience:
    • Reduction in Time-to-Manufacture 10-50%1
    • Improve operational efficiency and excellence
    • Achieve first time quality at reasonable cost
    1CIMData based on PTC customer interviews
    • Customer Stories

    DBM Reflex

    Improved manufacturing process management leads to real result