Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adroitec and PTC Cordially invites you for the Seminar on Product Life cycle Management

Wednesday, August 25th 2010 @ Coimbatore
Friday, August27th 2010 @ Hyderabad

Wednesday, August 4, 2010

What's new inPro/Mechanica WF5.0 Part 1

Support for Heterogeneous Units
  • Units for all modeling entities may be set on-the-fly
  • Conversion between units via RMB action
  • Results can be presented in different units
Icon and Label Display Improvements
  • Z-buffering of Simulation Icons
  • Control over distribution density
  • Ability to set colors individually
  • Ability to move labels off the model
  • Greater control over display
  • High-lighting of referenced entities

Dashboard UI for Surface and Volume Regions

Geometry Preview
– Dynamic Preview
Enhanced Workflow
– Simplified Definition UI
– No commands on old Menu-m
New Definition Options
– Surface regions split by chain
– Volume Region Depth Options (Through Next, etc.)