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Tool Building with PTC: GPlast

G.D.Naidu is the most interesting person you never heard of. Called the Edison of India, Naidu manufactured the first electric car in that country. He developed super-thin shaving blades, a fruit juice extractor, and voting machines. He experimented with new varieties of cotton and papaya. He started an engineering college. And he founded GPlast, a tooling shop based in his hometown, Coimbatore.
A technological pioneer and legend, Naidu died in 1974. Gplast, on the other hand, still thrives.
GPlast is a one-stop shop with more than 40 years of expertise in tooling, plastic injection molding, and pressure die casting. Its customers come from automotive, aerospace, electronics, home appliance, and medical industries.
GPlast expertise spans tooling, plastic injection molding, and pressure die casting
Its engineering software? That’s PTC Creo.
GPlast has been a long-time user of PTC engineering software and recently upgraded to PTC Creo. The engineering team also uses PTC Creo Tool Design Extension (TDX).
PTC Creo TDX is for professional designers who need to rapidly create higher quality mold inserts, casting cavities, and patterns. It features a variety of 3D CAD tools speci´Čücally engineered to accelerate the design of molds and castings.
3D models created in PTC Creo automatically reference the mold and casting designs in PTC Creo Tool Design Extension, so any changes to the geometry are instantly reflected in the associated tooling and patterns. Together with Moldex3D software, the company can quickly analyze and address any warpage issues.
Warpage results of revised design with conformal cooling –real injected part and simulation result
Warpage results of optimzied designs–real injected part and simulation result
With this powerful arsenal of engineering software, the GPlast says it’s seeing significant results. Lead times are down 30% and design reviews with the internal team and customers now include better visualization.
Plus, GPlast now generates design drawings using  PTC Creo and uses them for die manufacturing. That eliminates 2D CAD work, which results in a time savings of 20%.
“We are impressed with the PTC solution and how it is helping us to meet our targets and satisfy customer needs with improved design quality, says Vipin. P. S, Design Head.
You can find out more about how PTC Creo helps companies go from design to fabrication in record time with this PTC Creo Tool Design Extension information sheet (pdf). And keep coming back to this blog for more stories about companies like GPlast in our series Tooling with PTC Creo.
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